Assetmantle — A Review OF $MNTL & Roadmap.

Berry Brains
3 min readJul 28, 2022


The progress Assetmantle is making in terms of games, NFT, a new decentralized identity and creating the most unique decentralized space for NFT storage and marketplace, fully operational on Cosmos chain and capable of scalability to interoperate with other chains, Assetmantle changes the way we see ownership of NFT asset, security in minting and trading digital assets and faster blockchain.

$MNTL, the utility token of Assetmantle and its governance token can be staked for higher reward and used to sustain the Assetmantle chain, $MNTL can be used as a trading fee in the Mantle place, the NFT marketplace of Assetmantle, both for minting, royalties, liquidity provision and makes user eligible for retroactive airdrop on Assetmantle and Osmosis chain upcoming project.

As a governance token, $MNTL is used to create proposals and changes to the Assetmantle chain. Users who staked $MNTL are those eligible to create proposals. Through delegation, validators of the Assetmantle chain are encouraged to keep the Chain secured, the reward comes back to delegators too as a reward for being part of Assetmantle chain security.

The creation, minting and transaction of NFT at the lowest gas fee comes through $MNTL, the Assetmantle chain is curated through this, and the benefit of this to Assetmantle is the standard protocol that encourages NFT ownership and trade as seamless as it can be.

$MNTL is sustainable in every way when it comes to token circulation, reward and distribution, with a 300M total token supply at genesis to be followed by a halving after two years, half of the total token in circulation is community driven and shared as a reward, stake dropped to stakeholders on Assetmantle market place(mantle place).

The community is given 30%, this goes to the community and NFT project, either as a grant of Dapp partnership and growth, a project that encourage the ecosystem of Assetmantle in term of games. NFT and decentralized trading are brought to Assetmantle and bootstrapped using the community funds, users of mantle place are curated from this pool, with a reward for stakeholders and governance.

Mantle Drops takes on 20%, this is given as airdrop to early users of Assetmantle, liquidity providers, stakers, active buyer and seller of NFT who comes to the Assetmantle ecosystem early are rewarded from this pool. A means to appreciate those who believe in the Assetmantle protocol.

Strategic partners of Assetmantle are earmarked with 5%, this goes to those who are parterres with Assetmantle as advisors, project managers and developers, partnership in both its interoperability and chain codes. The team takes on 10%, a means of saying thank you for believing and piloting the Assetmantle ship. The Assetmantle Foundation gets a whopping 35% to help other modules of Assetmantle, they facilitated platform integration with other chains, delegated tokens to validators and gives a specified reward to delegators and validators. The protocol development of Assetmantle is done by the foundation.

The total circulating supply at Genesis is 300M. at genesis, 26%, 78M is released to jumpstart provision of liquidity and see to early adopters of the chain.

In 2022, Assetmantle has already achieved the following, onboarding the genesis stores, $MNTL airdrop calculator, Mantle Place V2, v44 IBC enabled chain, the launching of mantle place V1 and mainnet launch. The Q3 and Q4 of 2022 are expectant with IBC interNFT operability, eligibility to retroactive airdrop with $MNTL holders, and curation of art and digital asset through Mantle DAO, the Q4 will bring the introduction of Trade Room, and multiple payment strategy where traders of NFT can buy and sell there NFT either through crypto or fiat will be launch by Assetmantle, a means to bring limitless access to digital assets. Users can also stake and make LP their NFT, with the final launch of mantle Place V3, the final phase of Assetmantle road map comes in Q5, filled with the collaboration of Assetmantle NFT with Ethereum chain, full deployment and interoperability boosted on Osmosis chain, bridge created to allow Assetmantle NFT to operate on other chain and many more, thereby bringing full decentralization to NFT on Assetmantle.



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