Bluzelle — The dPoS decentralized database:

Bluzelle — The solution:

Advantages of Bluzelle:

  • Low cost: Developers can store their data accross multiple nodes at no extra cost.
  • High availability: Data which are stored on Bluzelle are always available irrespective of any damage that may occur to one or two nodes.
  • Optimum security: Bluzelle makes use of a consensus algorithm on the nodes which only allow data changes by the owner. Outsiders gets no access to the data thereby, preventing any form of network hacking.

Bluzelle network design:

  • Bluzelle Net: powered by Tendermint, a blockchain that ensure that all changes made to a database are correct.
  • Validators nodes: They are responsible for the provision of storage space and execute changes in return for a fee.
  • BLZ Token: This is an ERC-20 token which is used for staking on the network and as a method of payment.
  • Staking Dashboard: This is a mobile and web application where token holders stake their tokens and view the rewards they earn.
  • Bluzelle DB: A NoSQL- Key value which store data as a key or attribute name with its value.

BLZ Token movement :

  • Delegators stake BLZ tokens with Validators.
  • Validators are connected with BluzelleNet and stake.
  • Users pay for services with BLZ, Fiat, and other tokens.
  • Bluzelle wallet swaps Fiat and tokens for BLZ.
  • All rewards and fees goes to Validators and Delegators.
  • Rewards are unbounded by Delegators.

Pricing and incentivization:

Example Use cases of Bluzelle:

  • Finances: Bluzelle enhances the importance of finance applications from defi to cefi, giving a single view of the customer, risk analytics, managing reference data and lots more.
  • Retail: Bluzelle’s NoSQL database is used for order tracking, inventory management, delivery and logistics for both online and offline stores.
  • Games: Players require fast access to their info for easy advancement through the game. Bluzelle manages user profiles, inventory, messaging and more.



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