Bluzelle’s August Review

The month was indeed a pleasant and eventful one for Bluzelle as it was filled with remarkable achievements and numerous amazing activities. Kudos to the team and all members of the community, this would have been unachievable without y’all.

To prepare ahead for an elegant month and the beginning of a new evolution, the Bluzelle team hired a capacious amount of ambassadors(Bluzelle soldiers) - whom with their diverse skills and resources, munificiently promote and publicise the project in efficiency, thereby adding more value to it. Recruiting a good number of soldiers for the Bluzelle program which took place in the last days of July, was a brave and noteworthy exploit. And to some extent, a way of giving back to the Crypto community.

Before we dive deeply into all that occurred this month, let’s take an overview of the Bluzelle ecosystem.


Bluzelle is a fully decentralized data storage service and a network of independent storage nodes that works together. The Bluzelle network operates at low cost and high availability, data is being stored in multiple nodes at no extra cost. Also, Bluzelle employs the use of a consensus algorithm that avoids the alteration of data by an intruder, thereby preventing anyone from hacking the network.

Advantages of the Bluzelle network:

  • Instant global coverage: At same cost, developers get multi-region coverage. Data is stored across North America, Europe ans Asia. Soon, there will be an expansion to Africa, South America and Australia.
  • Community Network: Data servers are crowd-sourced, this reduces cost for developers alongside passive income for providers. Network becomes more secure, scalable and global impact is reduced.
  • Wide spread availability: Bluzelle is compatible with any blockchain through the aid of the inter-blockchain protocol (IBC). With the support of javascript, it is available to millions of developers.

In summary,

  • Bluzelle is a decentralized database that store data accross thousands of nodes around the world. With each node providing storage space and earning fees. Bluzelle is simply the AirBnB of databases.
  • By providing a decentralized data network that is tamper-proof with high privacy, scalable and available than traditional solutions, Bluzelle aim to be the go-to data layer for web 3.0
  • Bluzelle is a delegated proof of stake network, powered by cosmos and handles 10,000 TPS. Any laptop, desktop, mobile device and gaming console can become a node on Bluzelle.
  • Bluzelle invents DeFi solutions to integrate DeFi with historical price feeds, 360° views and more. As DeFi finds it’s way to the top, open finance plays a big role.

Now let’s have a recap of all that occured in the month of August.

Bluzelle partners with Matic

On the 4th of August 2020, Bluzelle officially announced it’s partnership with Matic network; The leading layer two network for ethereum. With the aim of enabling developers store their data in a decentralized manner as the need for privacy and security becomes a necessity. Matic aims at providing developers with a fully decentralized tech stack. With Bluzelle, developers can be rest assured that their data is always available, scalable and tamper-proof. This is therefore a win-win situation for all.

Bluzelle partners with Elrond

Bluzelle announced it’s partnership with Elrond on the 6th of August 2020. Elrond is a CMC top 40 project and a leading platform that provides solution to scalability and usability problems through an stupendous mechanism. Elrond’s partnership with Bluzelle is visioned towards providing application built on the Elrond mainnet with a fully decentralized database layer. The two teams focus on Integrating the two decentralized layers, with the aim of providing all Elrond’s decentralized applications a tamper-proof data network that has greater privacy, scalability and availability than traditional solutions.

Bluzelle releases BluzelleNet staking economics

The March to mainnet was indeed an exciting adventure for all Bluzelle team and community members. The long anticipated staking economics was finally unveiled on the 8th of August 2020. It was made known in the write-up that those who stake early will receive a reward of 25% APY. The Bluzelle staking rewards came with the objective of encouraging loyalty, tenure and larger stakes. Following was a live AMA session where Pavel Bains; The CEO of Bluzelle, entertained questions regarding the staking economics. This was held on August 11, 2020 at 10:30am UTC in Bluzelle’s official telegram group.

Bluzelle guide for token conversion and staking release

Immediately after the BluzelleNet staking economics was released, the team published an article to guide all BLZ holders on how to convert their ERC-20 BLZ tokens to Bluzelle BNT tokens which will be used for staking all other transactions, including staking on the Bluzelle network. In this article, a step to step guide and important notes to take during staking was given in order to prevent anyone from losing their funds. A stand-by service was also provided to rectify any issue encountered during staking.

Bluzelle community Instant Notary app

A member of the Bluzelle community developers named Rekpero built an instant notary app, bringing together the amazing features of Bluzelle and IPFS. This novel application creates a “proof chain" using both Bluzelle and IPFS in affirming the authenticity of a set of data including the date and time it was notarized. It allows easy upload of photos and documents, storing the files on IPFS in a decentralized manner. The encrypted hash of the file content and your location is stamped and stored on Bluzelle database. After a file has been successfully uploaded to the app, it’s content and notarized information becomes unalterable.

Introducing the Bluzelle Oracles

The idea of how an oracle can benefit from using the Bluzelle DB has been conceived since the year began. Since Blockchain Oracles are either fast and not secure or slow and secure. And DeFi applications are responsible for giving information that triggers financial decisions, therefore the authenticity of these information cannot be overemphasized. The combination of Oracles with Bluzelle DB will enhance speed and security for DeFi applications- This gave rise to the Bluzelle Oracles. The Bluzelle Oracles is an extension of the Bluzelle DB which provides high demand price feed for decentralized applications. By providing fast pricing intervals, High-quality price data and advanced security triggers, The Bluzelle Oracles has proven to be a superior oracle service and has added more value to the network. Aside the fact that it provides storage, it also makes validators instant price Oracles.

Other notable events and activities which took place this month includes;

  • BLZ tokens listing on simpleswap
  • Pavel Bains (CEO of Bluzelle) interview with Crypto 101
  • Live AMA session with the CEO on the staking economics.
  • Addition of BLZ/BUSD and BLZ/USDT trading pairs on Binance.
  • Blocknomi featuring Bluzelle and Elrond.
  • Simpleswap BLZ tokens giveaway.
  • Celebration of 40,000 followers on Twitter with 1,000 BLZ tokens giveaway.
  • Addition of BLZ/USDT trading pair on Huobi Global.
  • Swapspace supports Bluzelle.

In conclusion, August was an auspicious milestone for Bluzelle. It was graced with remarkable achievements and numerous successful events. This is the product of the hardwork the team and the Bluzelle soldiers have put in to bring about a new evolution. Bluzelle remains the database for the future of the internet, and the future is now!

Meanwhile, Bluzelle staking program continues!

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Written by : Berry Brains




Blockchain Wright.

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