Comdex February Review


Comdex Community Updates for February 2022

  • There was a Twitter Space meeting with the founder of CosmWasm, Co founders of Comdex, Abhishek Singh and Siddarth Patil were in attendance to discuss the upcoming governance proposal concerning the CosmWasm code module integration.
  • Siddarth Patil, the COO and Co Founder of Comdex was featured in an interview session by the DeFi Times team to discuss everything about the Comdex ecosystem and its future plans.
  • The Comdex team held an AMA session on the Cosmos Twitter Space to discuss about Comdex integration into the Cosmos ecosystem.
  • Comdex was featured in TechBullions article, the article talked about the utilities of Comdex, the rise of synthetic commodities onchain and the need for democratization.
    Comdex released it’s roadmap for 2022 with promises to deliver progress in key areas like:
    the launch of Decentralized Synthetics Exchange, launch of Trade Finance Hub, expanding the list of cAssets and lots more.
  • The Russian and Turkish Telegram community was introduced.
    - A blog article talking about Decentralized Synthetics was released by Comdex and it covered topics like the Overview of Commodities, problem areas of the global commodity market and how Comdex plans to tackle these issues.

Integrations and Key Developments In The Comdex Ecosystem for February 2022

  • Comdex achieved a 1 million block height
  • In the month of February, total wallet addresses exceeded 28,405, total transactions went up by 11% and inter blockchain transactions increased by 33%.
  • The $CMDX liquidity pool on Osmosis DEX continued to provide higher yields with impressive APRs: $CMDX/$OSMO 200% APR
    $ATOM/CMDX 188% APR
    $UST/$CMDX 32% APR
  • Commonwealth initiated a discussion to include $CMDX into Gravity Bridge.
  • There were constant upgrades to the Comdex Decentralized Synthetics Exchange Testnet. The upgrades included the following:
    CosmWasm integration v0.22
    Tendermint upgrade v34.15
    CosmosSDK upgrade 45.1
    IBC upgrade v2.0.2
  • Comdex reopened application for the Comdex cadet program following the success of the first wave. Interested applicants can apply with this link to take active part in growing the ecosystem as ambassadors.


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