The Benefits of Comdex Dapp To Cosmos Ecosystem.


Since assets can be traded on Comdex, they can also be borrowed and loaned out to users at an interest rate. Commodo is the borrowing and lending arm of Comdex, saddled with the role of interconnecting other chains and bringing the best of Defi to Comdex.


These days, every blockchain has its stablecoin, mostly pegged to $USDC, they always remain at $1. The Comdex protocol created composite to be the stablecoin of Cosmos chain.


The security base of Comdex is Zensacpe. Its benefit to users is securing the chain and validating its nodes.


Decentralisation dives deeper as it encounters more challenges in our everyday lives. Real-world assets have had limitations in time past on the moveability of assets. The ShipFi model helped real estate and real-world asset owners to move their assets to the blockchain through its model.


As more tokens are generated as each derivative is made, trading and swapping them becomes important. The cSwap is the AMM of Comdex, giving token real value, bridging various tokens together and removing limitations of trading from token. As derivatives are traded, NFTs are also included. The major benefit of this is a copyable model that can be replicated across other chains where derivative tokens are made and it can be traded against stable tokens.


One unique factor of Comdex is cAssets, a derivative token generated against an individual token. Investors can use these cAssets to mitigate loss from market volatility, shield investment portfolio from losing its value, and derive token value at optimum price through cSwap where the derived token is also traded.



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