Comdex Synthetics DEX: Gain Access To The World's Most Valuable Assets


As we all know, the Earth is blessed with lots of natural resources which in Finance, are often referred to as commodities. These resources which are very essential to the survival of humans include gold, silver, crude oil etc.

These resources are always in high demand because of how important they are to humans, because of these huge demand, they become so scarce and become only accessible to only the rich and influential ones in the society.

Using Gold as an example, we are all aware of how expensive and difficult the process of mining gold is, it requires a lot of capital, it's labour intensive etc which is why only the few top players can mine gold irrespective of these huge costs.

The huge demand for commodities push the prices up, which makes it a perfect opportunity for smart investors who leverage the Comdex synthetics DEX. The traditional synthetics market is highly centralized which means you don't own the commodities you actually invested your money in.

Comdex, through its Synthetic DEX is introducing a platform where access to these world's valuable commodities will be decentralized and not only accessible by the rich, the decentralization will be highly effective to the extent that with only internet access, these commodities will be accessible by almost anybody.

Why Commodities Investment

Apart from the benefits that come with owning digital assets in cryptocurrency, there is also the need to invest in assets that are not in anyway affected by inflation because of their high intrinsic value.

The impact of inflation on finance cannot be overemphasized. It is as a result of inflation and its negative effect on finances that people employ different wealth management strategies just to preserve their finances.

Investment in commodities come with a certain security, of providing sustainable returns overtime that will be inflation resistant because these class of assets have an underlying value as well as high demand which means there are no issues of constant volatility as stability of prices is guaranteed.

Comdex leads the paradigm shift from equity trading to synthetic commodities providing crypto native & trad-fi users with all the tools required to diversify their holdings, which is in line with the global shift from equities to commodities as inflation has become a major reason to initiate an all weather asset portfolio which will enable investors to make profits from bullish markets without being exposed to bearish situations all in a decentralized environment.


Comdex is changing the way and manner in which commodities service provision will be viewed. By introducing an oracle that will keep track of the prices of these commodities or assets, leveraging on the blockchain technology to mint these assets, Comdex is changing the status quo and giving individuals access and complete ownership of the world's most valuable assets.

About Comdex

COMDEX is a decentralized synthetics protocol in the Cosmos Ecosystem. Comdex builds solutions to democratize finance by giving investors exposure to a large range of asset classes.

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