Details on the pSTAKE Alpha Release and Bug Bounty

The Alpha Launch



Claim Staking Rewards


Redeem Unbonded Tokens


Cosmos Private Testnet

Bug Bounty Program

  • The users must have a MetaMask wallet installed for managing Ethereum Ropsten testnet assets.
  • Users must install Keplr wallet to manage Cosmos private testnet assets.
  • The Keplr wallet account should be initialized. To initialize the account the user needs to carry out a ‘Receive’ transaction. A Faucet will be provided for this purpose on the pSTAKE Discord (‘bug-bounty’ channel).
  • The user needs a GitHub account to be able to raise an issue.


  • Visit the pSTAKE Alpha release link (will go live at launch):
  • Connect your MetaMask wallet and select ‘Ropsten Test Network’
  • Test tokens for the Ethereum Ropsten testnet can be acquired here:
  • You can receive test ATOMs for our private Cosmos testnet from the Faucet for the same on the pSTAKE Discord (‘bug-bounty’ channel). The application supports following functionalities for the Cosmos network Private testnet:
  • Wrap / Unwrap
  • Stake / Unstake
  • Claim Staking Rewards
  • Redeem Unbonded Tokens
  • Detailed instructions on how to use individual application features will be shared on the pSTAKE website soon.

In case you find a bug

  • After adding the above details, submit the issue. This will add your raised issue to the list of active issues.
  • You can also add comments on existing issues (both open and closed) to highlight any further details.



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