Exciting Monthly Recap From Comdex — April 2022.

The month of May is upon us and the Comdex project has started the new month at a good pace. It is however necessary to see how far the project has come to achieving objectives in the roadmap this second quarter of 2022. This article will be a comprehensive recap of all the activities that took place in the Comdex ecosystem in the month of April.
From crossing the 25000 Twitter followers milestone to launching the Comdex Academy, April can be considered a very eventful month for Comdex.

The Comdex team have kept on strategizing and coming up with different ideas and innovations. They gradually are setting things in motion as we anticipate the launch of the Comdex Synthetics DEX.

This article will focus on highlighting all the key features, developments and events that took place in the Comdex ecosystem during the month of March. As usual, this article will be split into two subheadings to aid better comprehension. The first part will talk about Comdex Community Updates while the second part will focus on Integrations and Developments.

Comdex Community Updates for April 2022

  • Comdex was featured in NewsBTC
    As the Comdex Devnet continues to gather momentum, the crypto-media is also taking note of the impact of Comdex and NewsBTC said a whole lot about Comdex.

The article from NewsBTC talked about:

  • The benefits of Synthetics
  • The need to diversify in 2022
  • The utility of Comdex & much more
  • Abhishek Singh, one of the core team members in the Comdex ranks got his article featured on Nasdaq recently. The article talked extensively about the trust issues people have with the centralized and decentralized exchanges and how Comdex helps investors to transition between the two platforms.
  • The Comdex Twitter community crossed 25,000 followers, coupled with over 35,000 unique $CMDX wallets on the Comdex chain, with transactions completed summing up to more than 528, 837 transactions and block height exceeding 2,300,000. These statistics point towards increased adoption of this project as the numbers keep increasing significantly every month.

Integrations and Developments

  • Towards the end of April, the Comdex Academy was launched, this will be an interesting platform for new & experienced community members to come together & learn new skills.
  • Comdex held a proposal with Osmosis Dex to include the $CMDX pool 601 in the super-fluid staking program. The proposal passed & superfluid staking is now enabled on pool 601 with the $CMDX / $OSMO pair.


A lot of progress was recorded by Comdex throughout the month of April as can be seen in the recent developments in the ecosystem. The team continues to provide sustainable improvements to the Comdex community to ensure continuous platform development.
As we continue deeper into 2022, a lot more updates are expected to unfold as far as Comdex is concerned. These are just early days and there will be more exciting times. Stay tuned for more updates.

About Comdex

COMDEX is a decentralized synthetics protocol in the Cosmos Ecosystem. Comdex builds solutions to democratize finance by giving investors exposure to a large range of asset classes.

For more details on Comdex, join the community:

Website: comdex.one
Medium: https://medium.com/comdexofficial
Reddit: reddit.com/r/Comdex/
Discord: https://bit.ly/ComdexOfficialDiscord




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