IndiGG : Delysium Partnerships & More Games.

IndiGG is the ecosystem bringing various games to the blockchain, based in India with developers and gamers project on the metaverse scattered all over the web 3 space. IndiGG brings them all together to deliver an masterpiece never before seen on the blockchain. With partnerships and collaboration comes more gaming experience, as IndiGG buys into other project and give investment opportunity to its investors, also is the scholar initiative for those holding its token, that bring access early into top play-to-earn games, RPGs and other, earning more and passively into its token holder’s wallet.

Delysium, a web 3 game not yet launched but tested and has received a good review from players and testers is also a first of its kind AAA(high budget and high profile) quality FPS game, Delysium is meant to be PVE, PVP, enabled with a battle mode, adventure and creative mode all in the games. Delysium game models are Casual Royale, battle royale and Open Battle. This partnership with Delysium will give IndiGG scholars access to NFT and all digital assets of Delysium games which include Weapons and clothing NFT, IndiGG and Delysium are in a long term partnership and this will bring wider coverage to Delysium and investment opportunity to IndiGG scholars.

The House of gaming, Mini Royale, Own, Magic Eden, and many more games have partnered with IndiGG in previous times, enjoying massive growth and an upscale in its user database. IndiGG collaboration and investment in other gaming platforms rank as the highest both in the crypto space and metaverse. This goes to show the larger ecosystem IndiGG is bringing to the blockchain through its partnership.

Investing in IndiGG is long term, its token utility spans across all the games it crossed paths with, IndiGG’s solid user base and mission are to create a gaming atmosphere that cuts across all spheres and modes of games mean its path is to the top the list of all gaming project.

Partnership for more utility, gamers earning huge, doing things that you love as you engage in high-end games like Axie Infinity, legacy, Nyan Heroes and more is what IndiGG promised its user and it has over-delivered several times.

Top venture capitalist and exchange has partnered with IndiGG too to bring out a synergy that grows the health of the metaverse and games, the likes of FTX, Polygon studio, FTX gaming, YGGsea, Polygon, Yield Guild, and Biconomy. All have shown the quality of what IndiGG is bringing to the table, a gaming experience that is never before seen, where gamers can interoperate between games, earn and have fun.

IndiGG is a sub-Dao of yield Guild games, built on Polygon and made into play-to-earn, starting from India to the rest of the world, Developers of the IndiGG ecosystem, are creating more openings for other games IndiGG is partnering with, they also share in the resources of IndiGG game code. The cycle this creates is a solid base of development for all the games in partnership with IndiGG for a level up.

India’s vast experience in these games gives it an edge over other gaming consoles and ecosystems. As IndiGG scholars mint their badges, they enjoy massive fun across all other gaming models in partnership with IndiGG.



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