IndiGG : Partnering With Skyweaver & Incento

Berry Brains
3 min readJun 11, 2022


Games, metaverse and web 3.0 development is seeing a new flow of resources and developers through IndiGG collaboration all across the blockchain. The partnership IndiGG bring to the table spells blockchain adoption, awareness of web 3.0 and metaverse, upgrade gaming console and many more.

IndiGG’s main goal is onboarding gamers unto a larger ecosystem of web 3.0 games. Development that involves India’s gaming community with the rest of the world, a resourceful partnership that upgrades gaming consoles. But a limitation persists as IndiGG expands its horizon: interoperability. Users on other chains and the network have always faced the inability to use their token on other chains, especially, $INDI. To do this sometimes consume network gas fee and time.

IndiGG is partnering with a financial investment protocol to bring the seamless transfer of assets across the chain for all its users. Through Incento, rewards, NFT and assets earned from various games can be converted to stable coins assets using Incento. This proffer a limitless solution and assurance of the tradability of reward earned from the IndiGG ecosystem, Incento protocol means being the online payment model for all gamers in India. The India PayPal. Incento database and market traffic are over $50,000 in volume, its partnership with IndiGG boost visibility and relevance for $INDI. Scholars will enjoy this model of asset seamless transfer.

Being in the Yield Guild Gamers brings IndiGG closer to other sub-DAO of YGG built on the Polygon network, designed by the Polygon Studio. OlaGG is another sub-DAO of YGG built in the Latin American nations, its goal is synonymous with IndiGG which is to bring gamers together to experience a unique way of gaming, adventure and fun on the metaverse and developing web 3.0 to earn passive income and NFTs. OlaGG is to Latin America as IndiGG is to IndiGG and the Asia sub-continent. The partnership between IndiGG and OlaGG is to expand and share expertise, marketing structures, project roads map and collaboration in and outside their chains, sharing to boost both protocol ecosystem and project growth. This unification brings all games from the Indian community to the Latin American gamer’s community and vice versa.

For IndiGG to have come this far with all this collaboration means it’s placed at the top when it comes to utility and project growth. Its scholars and token holders now have no limit when accessing almost every game built on web 3. Its infrastructure is limitless in terms of developers and games IndiGG has invested in getting featured to all IndiGG scholars. IndiGG scholars also enjoy OlaGG games in these ecosystems. This intra-partnership brings more games and activities to the doorstep of their games and tournaments can now be done between gamers of IndiGG and OlaGG.

The IndiGG model of expansions is either through investing by buying the token of the project it’s in partnership with or upgrading their game development code or outright investing. As all this brings IndiGG closers to more games, Skyweaver being a card-playing game to earn NFT on web 3 has partnered with IndiGG in April. IndiGG scholars on skyweaver are now eligible for a special reward given to gamers reaching the top 1,000 with a snapshot to be taken before the end of June 2022. A two-seasoned tournament slated for 1st July to 30th of July and another one slated for 1st June to the 31st of June aims to gather players together to reach the top 1,000 and be eligible to share in the skyweaver reward of $56,000. This goes to all scholars with _IndiGG as an appendage to their username on skyweaver. As this reward gets distributed to all IndiGG Scholars, it brings more awareness to the utility of the IndiGG ecosystem.

The benefit of IndiGG is vast to comprehend, its impact on both metaverse and web 3 in terms of gaming is without borders as it keeps bringing more development to the chain, give more value to gaming, and makes NFT and digital assets a lucrative seamless thing to earn and create a vast network of gaming community for the indigenous country and the rest of the world.

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