Introducing Composite (CMST) — Stablecoin for (Inter Blockchain) IBC

What is Composite?

Composite is a stablecoin that is programmed to be a stable representation of purchasing power and is pegged to the US dollars at $1, although, this may be altered in the future depending on future developments in the global market.

The Utilities Of $HARBOR

$HARBOR will serve as the governance token for managing policies on the Comdex protocol. The main objective of the protocol governance will be to ensure that $CMST maintains its peg while sustainably accumulating interest APR from $CMST creation as a result of demand from investors.

About Comdex

COMDEX is a decentralized synthetics protocol in the Cosmos ecosystem. Comdex builds solutions to democratize finance by giving investors exposure to a large range of asset classes.



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