Introduction to Equilibrium’s new EQ tokens and a guide to NUT/EQ token swap.

Equilibrium’s partnership with polkadot:

Introducting the new EQ Token:

NUT/EQ token swap guide:

  • NUT/EQ token swap begins on August 30 at 8am UTC.
  • To begin, ensure you have an ETH address which you own it’s private key. This is needed to access your allocation — in the absence of an ETH address, metamask can be used. Follow the instructions to download the wallet on
  • If you have no NUT in your wallet, you can purchase some on Newdex, HitBTC, Bancor and changelly. You start by Withdrawing NUT tokens to the token swap contract, followed by inputting the swapcontract address i.e tokenswap.eq . You need to specify your ETH address in the memo space. To get your address on metamask, click on your account name.
  • If you already have your NUT in your wallet, visit, input the amount of NUT you are willing to swap and tap on the “swap” icon. Specify your ETH address and tap the “send NUT” button.
  • Claim EQ tokens on the Equilibrium substrate at the end of the Token generation event (TGE). While 10% will be released on TGE, 90% will be linearly vested in 365 days. Users who held NUT prior August 1 are not subject to vesting. NUT tokens may be withdrawn anytime before TGE, but application to initial bonus level will be denied.

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