Morpheus Lab : Collaborating For Faster Dapp Deployment.

The universe is witnessing a change, the likes never seen. Innovations are coming faster than we can grasp, causing a future shock. Amid this is a partnership, project communicating with each other to bring faster development both to businesses, companies, even to the blockchain. A lot of projects are springing forth on the blockchain, creating an impressive use case and utility, expanding the reach of technological impact both offline and online.

The most imminent challenges facing this project are tools, Launchpad, developers and synergy. Many cryptos projects have gone down the drain because of a lack of efficient developers and funds, crypto projects hacked because of loopholes in code and many more.

Morpheus Lab is a new platform, using a Blockchain-as-a platform service to provide groundbreaking solutions that inculcate building, deploying and managing Dapp on the blockchain, bridging the gap between project execution, limiting the running cost of the crypto project, fast-tracking and providing an accurate tool to jumpstart and keep on track Dapp. Morpheus is also creating a ready-to-use dapp that is EVM compatible with many chains, the uniqueness of Morpheus lab lies in its multi-chain supportability through Platform-Presentation-Layer, Platform-Console and Platform-Administrative, Dapps owners can have access to their Dapp through the Morpheus interface while being managed by either Morpheus lab managers or themselves. The interoperability of Morpheus Lab Dapp is the scion of its properties.

Powering the Morpheus token is the $MITX token, with a 1B token in circulation and a 10% allocated to community, team funds take on 10%, same 10% goes to the foundation and 5% given to reserve, 25% sent to burn while 20% is burnt within the space of 2 years. To keep tokens away from inflation, 25% of the total token supply is for sales and circulation. Presently, Morpheus lab has burnt 5M $MITX while many more followed suit.

Morpheus Lab has collaborated with amazing DeFi, CeFi projects and Dapp recently, its use cases reach the four corners of the blockchain world, ranging from providing accurate runtime of Dapp, building, developing and managing Dapp for project owners, creating more interoperability with other chains while showcasing the flexibility of nodes across the chain. This property has made Morpheus Lab the future of Dapps. What Morpheus Lab has done is fasten development through deploying, running and upgrading, testing and accessing Dapp across its network. This gives companies, enterprises and Dapp owners the chance to upscale their project, test and run, integrate into another chain at a lesser cost with the MITX token, manage and track database development. All this is possible through the Morpheus Lab.

Morpheus is listing more and more projects, enlarging its DeFi reach. ICONBet, powered by TAP token, is a Dapp for Casino DAO, manage by ICONBet Dao. ICONBet is creating an ecosystem of game users through Morpheus lab to interact with its Dapp while creating a service that is profit-making, fast and transparent.

ICONPOOL is another addition to the Morpheus Lab family, an AMM DeFi Dapp that sup0rt liquidity provision and all properties of Uniswap while enabling a chain for ICON tokens to thrive on.

The application of the Morpheus lab shows in its SEED Application Library, a group of resources for all developers and Dapp owners to choose from, which enables varsity among the different Dapp on Morpheus Lab.

HUAWEI, Cypherium and many more are the new collaborations Morpheus lab is making to collaborate its ecosystem with other networks to bring faster accessibility to blockchain projects while promoting crypto adoption using cloud service.

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