Solcial — A New Evolution of Social Media on Solana.

An evolving economy is fast growing in the social media world, with different algorithms and structures to first get user’s attention, rewarding while creating a fun atmosphere that encourages creativity in all spheres is very important to inculcate in any Social media platform. The cryptocurrency world has witnessed lots of social media inclined Dapp that support content creation and reward its users with tokens. Still, limitations exist, either through non-adoption, less token value or limitation in token accessibility, with less privacy and high censorship. is a permissionless, social media crypto-inclined platform that rewards users in a decentralized manner while offering unique web 3 properties, Solcial, is built on the Solana chain and aims to bring a new life to social media blogging and web 3 development with a futuristic approach to permissionless social media networking. Solcial is centred on the drastic building of its platform therefore it tends for early users, to prove its sustainability against other social media Dapp that is hyped with no utility and blockchain relevance.

Solcial put an end to censorship by creating a model where an unsolicited post can be reported by the community, while this report gets high, the said post can be removed from the Pin tab of the Solcial platform, this doesn’t mean the removal of such content but a way to keep the platform sane for other users. Solcial has also instituted community members to always look into reported posts. The Unpin post can still be seen by some other user, replied to and can get a pin on other users’ content. The act of reporting content is if the content is obscene and not suitable for view, Solcial platform has the downvote and upvote button to allow other users to use this at their discretion while still maintaining a no censorship platform.

Solcial is a great platform when it comes to privacy, the encryption of Solcial content ups its security games higher against hack, phishing links and third-party incursion in the data uploaded on Solcial.

A platform where users own it is what Solcial is creating, by giving its user the chance to partake in the governance and running of the platform, Solcial DAO is community-based and gives the trust of its platform to its community in a transparent manner. This gives the full power of the platform in the hands of every user of the platform.

As a web 3 enthusiast, Solcial is web 3 compliant and can boast of many user benefits, from being on the front line of massive adoption to encouraging content creations and the ability to monetize content, while being in total control of individual user rewards, There is also a means to bring up new upcoming content creators through buying of their token m. Solcial is special when it comes to NFT ownership and trading using its P2P model. Solcial users can join communities that interest them, buy NFT on the creator’s profile, and wait till the creator’s profile reaches a higher value to sell it for greater profit. This act makes more passive income for Solcial users.

The world of content writing on Social media is saturated to a point, that’s why Solcial is launching a hire-my-service for a token model, a decentralized kind of Fiverr and Upwork, whereby users can list their work for hire and be rewarded in tokens supported by Solcial platform.

The Solcial platform token is P2P enabled, which means it’s tradeable and can be used as payment both offline and online, This translates to a means where offline goods and services can be delivered and offered while rewarding with the Solcial Platform token.

The platform that does all the above listed and can operate seamlessly are very few. This means Solcial is not in any competition but a league of its own even as it comes to community building, NFT ownership and trading, impressive censor-less protocol and privacy at users’ discretion. The Solcial Platform is the best at present and still has a long-term goal of delivering a web 3.0 enabled platform with unique use cases to boost a new era of social media interaction and integration.



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